About me

I’m a woman in my forties who was diagnosed late in life with Asperger’s in early 2014.  Since I found out about I’m autistic, it’s become something of an interest so I enjoy talking about the diagnosis and the process of coming to terms with it.

I also have depression and anxiety and am an ex-alcoholic so  I’ll probably talk about those too.

This blog is anonymous, not because I’m ashamed being autistic but I haven’t told my employer and I don’t necessarily want future employers to know.  I also haven’t told all my family at the time of writing and also I’m a private person so I don’t necessarily want whatever I write here to be under my real name.

I like cats (obviously).  I don’t hate dogs … but I’m definitely a cat person.  I like running, reading and writing.  I am single and live in the UK.

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